Tolleson is a small community with only a handful of dining choices. Most of the choices within the community offer Mexican cuisine. Two of the best places are Irma’s Mexican Restaurant and Paul & Rafa’s Mexican Restaurant. Irma’s is especially great for friendly and personable service. There is also a Sonic for fast food. A Chinese restaurant called Happy Garden is a good choice for quick, affordable Chinese-American cuisine. One unique venue is Paul’s Fish & Chips, serving UK-style cuisine and the most delicious fish and chips in the area.

Although there is only one fast-food location in the community, those who want a quick meal only need to drive a few miles northeast to find Burger King, Blimpie, Waffle House, Arby’s and Jack in the Box, all located along McDowell Road. Slightly further down the road to the east, there is also Taco Bell and Subway. There are several sit-down choices, as well. Denny’s and Texas Roadhouse are both chains. Texas Roadhouse is well-known for delicious steaks and phenomenal bread served with honey-butter.

Lin’s Grand Buffet is one of the best Chinese buffets within miles of the area and well worth the few minutes’ trip east of Tolleson. Although the cuisine is classified as Chinese-American, some dishes are as close to authentic as they can be. Just north of Lin’s is 75th Thai Taste Restaurant, another great choice. Diners can order their food to go or sit down. This restaurant is truly Thai – their dishes all contain a perfect blend of the five different tastes. Food is always prepared fresh and the staff are great.

Located northwest of Tolleson is the Native New Yorker, which is easily the best place within a thirty-mile radius for pizza. Their pies taste like the authentic delicious ones found only in New York and New Jersey. Diners who want a romantic venue should visit nearby Carrabba’s, which is a delicious and ambient Italian venue.